DJ Ostrander (Born January 1, 1989) is one of the three creators of False Lunacies, the company which created Larkill Manor. DJ first invisioned the company nearly two year before it's actual creation. In the company, DJ is the one who writes the storylines and draws the concept art for the costumes, make-up, and surroundings of the haunted house. He has actually begun to write a full-length book following the storyline of Larkill Manor, tentatively titled Larkill Manor: Dead Inside.

DJ completed all four years in highschool, graduating with his class in 2007. In the fall of the same year, he began going to college at Kellogg Community College in Michigan with his major as Multimedia Art and a minor in Business. He has stated that his hobbies include playing videogames, painting, drawing and writing.

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