False Lunacies logo 2

The False Lunacies "Seal" logo.

False Lunacies is the name of the company created by DJ Ostrander, Brandi Smith, and Ian Woodiel in order to create and maintain New-Generation Haunted Houses such as Larkill Manor.


False Lunacies has at least two commonly used company logos. The first and most comonly used logo is a black rose. A simple design, it fuses the aspects of beauty and tranquility with the fear and disconcerning feeling that the company's haunted houses hold.

The second and slightly less used logo is known as the "Seal" logo. It is a simplified version of The Crimson Seal, with the background as black and the seal itself as red. It also sports the company's name superimposed in white across the center. This version of the logo is used mostly for topics centering around the Larkill Manor haunted house.


  • There was originaly four founding members of False Lunacies, but he dropped out before the company even got started.
  • There is a second haunted house being planned for creation based on another of DJ's stories.
  • The company was officially created when DJ obtained the buisness lisence on 7/19/07.
  • At the time of the company's creation, DJ was 18 years old, Ian was 17, and Brandi being the youngest, was 15.