Larkill Manor is the name of a Haunted House attraction that is planned to be released by False Lunacies at an as of yet, undetermined time as well as a series of written stories about the house's fictional storyline. Everything about Larkill Manor is owned and created by False Lunacies and is a type of haunted house known as a New-Generation Haunted House- the first of it's kind.


According to the storyline, the Manor was built in an undetermined time, originally by an eccentric millionare. The house itself is built on an ancient indian holy ground. In it's vast and diverse history, Larkill Manor has played host to numerous families with different personalities and stories- all of whom mysteriously dissapeared or moved out of the house abruptly for unknown reasons. One of the owners of the house was a serrial killer and psychopath, and the last civilian to own the house was a young college professor who was also the leader of a secret doomsday cult, which used the Manor as their secret chappel. As might come to be expected, all of them came to a mysterious end, vanishing without a trace. After the last dissappearance, the house layed vacant for a couple of years until the city seized the property and converted it into an alternative healthcare facility. The Larkill Hospital stayed open for just under two years, when it was shut down after several patiants went missing, and several staff members filed complaints about experiancing electrical disturbances with equipment and hallucinations. Soon after, a philanthropist seized the rights to the property and converted it into a museum where art was dislpayed, though the main attraction was the large history section deticated to the Manor itself. As would be expected, the museum was shut down after a serries of strange events, and the Manor was finally condemned. Though, that doesn't seem to keep some curious minds from taking a peek inside every once in a while. Nobody knows just what goes on behind those forboding walls, and those who find out may never be able to share their experience.

Haunted HouseEdit

Larkill Manor as a haunted house is unlike any other haunted attraction that has come before it. It aims to not only frighten, but to disturb it's customers with monsters and instances that seem to be taken straight out of some psychopath's nightmare. The general style is very unique and shows a montage of various concepts, both old and new. Subtle refferences to the various inspirations for Larkill Manor can be found all over the haunted house and everything from the monsters themselves to the walls and background music reflect these aspects.

Influances and InspirationsEdit

  • Hans Bellmer
  • Francis Bacon
  • Kingdom Hospital
  • Silent Hill
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • The Cell
  • Pulse
  • Stay
  • 1408
  • Thirteen Ghosts
  • The Haunting
  • House On Haunted Hill
  • The Mist
  • Marylin Manson
  • Tool