Lunatic (Colored)

A Lunatic.

Lunatics are one type of monster that appears in the Larkill Manor haunted house. They are the only distinctly feminine-looking monsters that are encountered, and are a representation of sexual fustration, insanity, and hospitalization/sickness. They take the form of a faceless female with pale, sickly skin. She wears no clothes save for a slightly bloody straightjacket and a pair of red boots. She has precariously applied red lipstick where her lips would be, as well as smears of blood on her face as if she has been trying to eat something bloody. In one design, they have some sort of tight bag or piece of fabric wrapped around her head, and is thus not truely featureless.

As they wander the halls of the Manor, they thrash about as if trying to free themselves from their restraints. They also make wheezing and panting noises when they stand still. They can also be seen every once in a while sitting in a corner with their legs sprawled, rocking back and forth.