Monsters are a very important aspect of any horror story or haunted house, and Larkill Manor is no exception. The monsters in Larkill Manor are often quite shocking to first time visitors to the haunted house, as well as those who read the stories. They seem to be born straight out of a nightmare, and are quite grotesque and very original. All monsters are designed and created by False Lunacies.


All of the monsters have deep psychological symbolism behind them, some obvious, others more obscure. Although each monster has a slightly different symbolic meaning, they all have some common elements. As should be expected, fear is a major element in their symbolism- though, how this sense of fear is obtained is quite different from most other monsters. Common types of symbolism seen in the monsters of Larkill Manor are pain, masochism, insanity, hospitalisation and sickness, as well as sexuality and sexual fustration.

In the stories, it can be inferred that the monsters that appear to the main character seem to bear some sort of psychological bond with the main character's mind. For instance, in the first book, the appearance of Sackhead seems to mirror Seth's latent violent streak and self-punishment.

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