A "New-Generation" Haunted House is the brainchild of Larkill Manor creator, DJ Ostrander. Unlike most haunted houses to date, New-Generation or NG Haunted Houses are highly interactive and the experiences within them depend greatly on the customer. Where as normal haunted houses usually have one set path through dark terrain, NG Haunted Houses often have infinite possibilities as far as different routs through the house. The customers often must open doors and choose between several paths. Unlike other haunted houses, customers are often encouraged to touch things and look for clues so as to piece together the storyline using clues in the environment. Yet another diference is the monsters. Monsters are often completely original so as to avoid the comonly seen monsters. All costumes and prosthetics are usually specially made, one of a kind and very realistic. The actors also must go through a comprehensive training course before being exposed to customers to ensure that they act in a realistic fashion.